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First Weight Control Patient Was A Success!

A women in her mid 30s participated in our weight control program during the introduction period. During the program she received 3 acupuncture treatments per week for 3 consecutive weeks, 9 in total. Each treatment was 30 min long. Patient also followed the diet and life style recommendations based on TCM knowledge.

The diet recommendation was to stay away from soda, bottled juice, coffee, raw or cold food/drink (e.g. salad and sushi), refined sugar (white sugar), junk food, alcohol, dairy, deep fried food.

Life style changes include:

1. Bed time between 10:30-11:00pm

2. Only eat 80% full each meal

3. No food within 4 hours of bed time.

4. Must have 3 meals (breakfast/lunch/dinner) at normal schedule.

5. Keep a food log of what you eat. (This is just to reinforce the diet so patient doesn't cheat.)

Before the first treatment I measured her weight, and sizes of her waist, right arm and right thigh at location with a landmark of a scar, mole, or discolouration, etc, so it can be measured again at the end. She weighed 84.4 kg, with waist of 93 cm, right arm of 28 cm, and right thigh of 48 cm.

These were the measurements right after the 9th treatment, wearing the same clothes as the first time: 85.2 kg*, 87.5 cm waist, 27 cm arm, and 47 cm thigh. That's 1 cm less from the arm and thigh and 4.5 cm from the waist as well. (I totally forgot to take an after photo!)

*The last treatment was a few days before her next period. She always had some swelling in the legs (Edema) before her period. But according to her, she had less swelling than usual already.

After 9 treatments, she gained more energy. She didn't need to hit that snooze button in the morning any more. She had better sleep quality. Her digestion also improved. Her abdomen used to be hard and bloated, now it's softer and less bloated. Last but not least, she felt hungry before her meal time. This one scares the crap out of some people who have been trying to lose weight. They think having an appetite is the worst thing that could happen to them. It's the end of the world when they actually have any sense of hunger. This fear has no merit at all because this is what a healthy digestive system supposed to do. You should have normal appetite, not too much or not too little. Only having a healthy digestive system, you body can start to function properly: sending the nutrient to where they are supposed to go, instead of becoming fat cell.

The goal during the 9 treatment was to regain her normal bodily functions, nothing else. I didn't put needles where she had more fat. Only 9-10 acupuncture points on the arms and legs were used in each treatment.

Summer is the best time to lose weight with acupuncture. Let's see what it can do for YOU. Give us a call now to participate!

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