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​- F. F.

"Dr. Shih is able to relieve my anxiety, insomnia and digestive issues. After each acupuncture session, my body and my mind feel relaxed. He has a gentle sensitivity and compassion, I feel safe and in good hands with him."

​- C. T.

"Andre's amazing. The Chinese herbal medicine he recommended for my menstruation problem helped a lot, my blood clots have been reduced more than 80% compare to last month. The color of menses is also getting normal. Highly recommend if you have the menstruation trouble."

​- L. Z. 

"In only a few sessions, my digestive issues and pain have improved!"

​- C. S. 

"he listens carefully and pay attention to detail"​

- R. T.

"I can honestly say when I was having acute back pain. The treatment for pain was really amazing for me. If I hadn't experienced it first hand I'm not sure I would have believed it actually."

- C. S.

I've found my fountain of youth here! The texture of my skin improves in about 5 sessions.

-E. H.

"Before I came to Andre Shih TCM clinic, I was having problem for years with pain in my chest. Another problem I had was that I need it to wake up early every morning to go to washroom for my needs. For chest paint I did so many heart checks. They told me it’s not heart problem but pain will remain because I am staying most of the day in front of computer (as professional problem). After some acupuncturist treatments, I noticed that my pain was gone. Also, I don’t need to wake up early anymore for my needs. That was great feeling. I am happy about the improvements that I have made. I would highly recommend Andre because he is great guy."


Andre always answers the bell when my body is failing me. Thank you for keeping me active and strong! Acupuncture freakin works!


Great Acupuncturist. He is caring and professional. His magic potions make me sleep like a baby now! Plus no more headaches!!


I am so thankful for my acupuncture treatments with Andre. He treated my shoulder pain and I'm feeling better, more range of motion and far less pain then when I came in. Thank you!


Dr. Shih was amazing!! I got sick soon after seeing a relative from China, so I assumed I must have caught some vicious virus from China. I was suffering from a tremendous headache, stuffy nose and was completely drained of energy. Because I am still nursing a toddler so I chose not to take any medicine. I was just going to let my cold pass naturally. Dr. Shih offered to treat my cold instead doing my follow up. And I am so glad he did! After the needle treatment, I was feeling A LOT better! I can breathe again, my headache was mostly gone and most amazing part was that I felt my stamina was back! We were able to attend a dinner plan with friends that evening. After taking only 2 dose of his prescribed Chinese medicine, I woke up the next day feeling almost 90% healed! I was able to manage a 1.5 year old boy again! I highly recommend Dr Shih, especially to nursuring mommies! The Chinese mecidine does no affect your milk so you can take it safely without harming your baby!


This is my second visit so far. I've already experienced a reduction in my symptoms and find the whole experience very relaxing. Grateful for this spot in Kits.


Disclaimer: The results described in the testimonials/reviews above, and elsewhere on this site, do not necessarily describe the typical or average results, and should not be taken as such. Your results may differ.

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