Acupuncture stimulates the nervous system, and send signals to the brain. Then the brain send signals to different areas of the body, and produce hormones and chemicals to stimulate body's own healing ability.


The locations of acupuncture is usually away from where the issue is. Like a light switch, it's not always attached to the light bulb. Acupuncture points are light switches of the body that turns on or off certain functions of the body.

Auricular (Ear) Acupunture

Like acupuncture, auricular acupuncture is only done on the ear. Since the ear is so small, the stimulation of the ear can be done with a stick-on ear tack that either uses a herbal seed or a micro needle. Because the ear tacks are water-proof and they stay on for days, you benefit from the extended treatment effect even after you leave the clinic.


This is done with a safety lancet (the tool that diabetes patients use to prick their fingers for checking blood glucose). The procedure only lets out a few drops of blood. The reason for bloodletting is to quickly remove clogged up blood flow, restore regional blood circulation, and reduce built-up pressure.

Chinese Medicine Herbs

There are two main purposes of the herbal medicine. One is to quickly remove toxins from the body; the other is to supplement the body. Both are ways to support the body, so the self-healing process can be restored.

In TCM, herbs are prescribed in combinations. Rarely, an individual herb is prescribed. The prescription is based on your current health state and the health issue you are experiencing. Because easy person is unique, the herbal prescription you receive is customized only for you. 

Chinese herbs used in clinic are extracted in granule form.  It is convenient and does not have a strong taste.

It's unfortunately, you only hear the worst about Chinese medicine in the news. We guarantee that no near-extinct animal parts nor any items that cause animal cruelty are used. Most of the herbs are plant based. If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, we can make the prescription fits your diet.


Suction cups are place on your back to draw the toxin from deep muscle tissue to the surface. It provides great instant pain relief. The areas where cups are placed do leave red or purple circular marks that look like bruises but do not feel like bruises. 

Gua Sha (Scraping)

This is the most effective treatment for neck and shoulder pain, as well as whiplash from car accident. The gentle scraping restores proper blood circulation and releases fascia tension.  

Infrared Therapy

An infrared lamp that recharges your body with energy and heat. This is an excellent therapy for any one with cold syndromes or low energy. It also improves menstrual flow and reduce pain.