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At Andre Shih TCM, we're dedicated to your well-being journey. Through honest, personalized care, we unlock your body's healing potential. Our tailored interventions prioritize your unique needs, minimizing sessions for effective results. Our commitment to transparent, effective healthcare values honesty, personal attention, and tangible outcomes.


These are 5 things you should know about us that's different from other clinics: ​


1. We will be honest with you. If we cannot help you, we will tell you so. 

2. We do not sell treatments or products that you don't need. ​

3. We only see one patient at a time. The time of the session you booked is dedicated to you. 

4. We prioritize minimal needle usage and efficient treatments, minimizing sessions needed for results. ​

5. If your condition does not improve in a few sessions, we will not ask you to continue. 

Andre Shih Profile Picture

Andre Shih, R.TCM.P

​施昶仲 註冊中醫師

Registered Acupuncturist/

TCM Herbalist

Andre, a mechanical engineer graduate of the University of British Columbia, encountered a life-changing experience with Traditional Chinese Medicine healing, shifting his career focus into a path of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. Upon graduating from Pacific College of Holistic Medicine (2015), he has guided profound healings for clients seeking better health.

Andre invokes a heart centred treatment approach with individual sessions tailored towards body constitution and a personal vision for health. The treatment begins from balancing internal organ function wherein lies the essential root cause of chronic conditions and culminates in establishing a strong foundation. The bodies innate healing capacity is unlocked and conditions resolve naturally in the flow.

Andre specializes in body illness and a client-centred approach to healing that is both relaxing and effective.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture operate differently from prescription drugs or supplements. Our approach focuses on rebalancing and restoring your body's core functions—such as sleep, digestion, hydration, and elimination—which are foundational to your overall health.

When your body achieves this balance, your digestive system efficiently processes food into vital nutrients, your endocrine system regulates essential hormone levels, your immune system distinguishes between self and foreign cells, your cardiovascular system maintains healthy blood pressure, your nervous system effectively transmits signals, and your body undergoes normal metabolism by renewing cells.


Our treatment methods serve to enhance your body's innate healing capacity. This approach allows us to assist individuals with various conditions, as we prioritize facilitating the body's natural healing mechanisms



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