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Acne Caused by Digestive Disorder

A good looking young man, age 24, came in looking for help with his acnes on the face and both thighs. It wasn't serious, but he's at the age that really wanted to look his best to impress girls. The acne were mostly on the areas below his eye and on the front side of his thighs. These areas were where the stomach meridian passed through. First thing that came to my mind was food related issue. Upon inquiry, he get diarrhea easier than his friends. They would go to the same restaurant and eat the same food, but he would be the only one that had loose stool or diarrhea. Because he still went to school and worked part-time, he didn't have much time to cook. He dined out a lot. Even the best restaurant needs to make money, it's difficult to use the best ingredient for everything. When your digestive system is weak, your body can't get rid of the bad stuff easily. For this patient, he's body was still able to push the toxins out to his skin, but that's the best his body could do.

So the treatment plan was to improve his digestion, not only his acne would go away, but also it would reduce the chance of future outbreaks. Every session I would add on the facial rejuvenation treatment to help acnes heal and reduce the scars. He's very happy with the result. After about 6 sessions, his digestion had already improved a lot and the acne on his thighs disappeared.

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