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Severe Headache After An Acupuncture Treatment

A patient came in a month ago for her constant headache/migrain on her left side. Pain scale was at 4 out of 10 but became 6 out of 10 when being touched. Pain started 2 months prior. I found that she was a little burned out and lack of energy and blood due to her busy life. Her eye looked tired. She talked in a low voice. Mentally, she was on the go all the time, but her body couldn't handle it. That's why the body was giving a warning sign - headache.

Headache/Migraine will affect your life

I gave her a treatment to boost energy and improve blood flow of the head. Needles were inserted in her legs and hands. At the time of the treatment, the pain disappeared within minutes. A few days later, she cancelled her follow-up appointment and told me that she needed to get some tests done at hospital.

Yesterday, exactly a month later from her first appointment, she booked with me again. She told me that she had a severe headache after the treatment, went to the hospital for MRI and other checkups, but they couldn't find anything wrong. However, the headache was gone and stayed gone after that.

For some people, their condition can get worse before it gets better. This is exactly like that. When body is trying to get rid of the junk built up in a problematic area, it can cause pain or discomfort. But once it's cleaned up, it stays clean. So the problem went away.

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