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Have You Tried Cupping Therapy Yet?

I just found out that a lot of people still haven’t tried cupping therapy and also don’t know what it’s for. When I learned about cupping, I thought it was an Asian traditional therapy but turns out that Europeans do it, too. They use cupping to treat similar things that we treat, such as common cold, asthma, cough, heat stroke, and muscle tension. The purpose of the therapy is simply to improve blood circulations. You might wonder why a simple “improve blood circulation” can be so therapeutic? In order to keep our muscles and organs function normally, we need proper blood circulations to supply oxygen and nutrients, and also get rid of waste and toxins in our cells. The blood vessels in our body are just like the roads in our city need to be free flowing. Image the door of your home is blocked by the garbage you produce every day and people cannot get in or out. You can’t get out to buy grocery, and food delivery can’t get to your home, either. You will either die of hunger or be very close to death. Cupping therapy uses strong suction to break the blocked capillaries and extract the waste and toxins from deep tissue to superficial layer of your skin where metabolism is at its best. That’s why you see the circular bruises on the skin after a cupping session. This will restore the blood circulation in the muscle. So the damaged tissues and cells can regenerate and heal. Overall, cupping is just a mean to speed up your body’s self-healing process. Now do you have a better understanding of cupping therapy? If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. Book an appointment with me if you haven’t tried it yet.

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