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Instant Result Acupuncture - Knee Pain

Recently, I've been watching acupuncture videos on YouTube and found videos of Dr. Richard Tan demonstrating his acupuncture technique for pain management. One video was for the knee pain. He was able to achieve instant pain relief after a quick meridian diagnosis.

Before watching the video, I kind of knew that acupuncture for pain relief can be achieved in a few minutes. But the materials I have learned from school or read on my own did not allow me to accomplish it. Many patients couldn't tell if they feel better or not after a 30 min treatment. After a few times, I was even afraid to ask because if they tell me "No", I would feel guilty of taking their money. Although some told me that they felt better after a night of sleep, but most of the time I don't hear back from them until the following treatment IF they decide to come back.

Humans are a learning animal based on feedback. If I don't get any feedback, how will I improve?

Anyway, 2 days after I watched his videos, there was a patient, in her early 60s, who came in with knee pain on both sides around the knee cap. She said that for years her knees have had pain when going up or down the stairs. They were bothering her a lot lately. "Lucky me!" I thought. I knew just exactly how to treat it! I gave her needles on LI11, both sides, 1.5" all the way in towards Hr3, and I asked her to walk outside of the clinic to take a few steps up and down the stairs. She kept asking and questioning if it's going to work that fast while walking out. After a few step, she really couldn't feel the pain anymore except two spot on her right knee. They were on the proximity of Spleen meridian. So I palpated near her Lu5 on the left arm and was able to found two tender Ashi points. With only 4 needles, her pain was completely gone. She was happy. I was happy that she was happy.

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