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How To Acupuncture For Pain In The Crotch?

There was a patient who loved playing soccer. Unfortunately, he hurt the muscles in his crotch area. Even though we are both male, it’s still a little inconvenient to needle this area. I didn’t want accidently to touch anything that I’m not supposed to, either. Lol. A lot of people think we just needle where it is hurting. Most of the time, it’s true. But sometimes areas such as the eyes, the tongue, or any area that’s inconvenient, or to avoid suspect of sexual harassment, we can select other areas of the body to do acupuncture. For example, if someone asks you how to get to the airport, you probably have a few routes that flashes through your mind. You would give this person the best route you know based on the currently traffic or construction area. When I first treated this issue, I used under arm area to treat the crotch pain. But it wasn’t as effective as I thought it would be after 2-3 treatments. So I switch to a few acupuncture points on the hand to treat it. He was happily back to soccer field after one treatment on the hand. Sometimes what we thought was the best router might not be so optimal due to unknown reasons. We could simply choose another route to get to our destination.

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