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Dyshidrotic Eczema Stopped in 2 days with Chinese Herbal Medicine

Female patient, in her early 30s, had experiencing blister development on her fingers during season change. The blisters were very itchy and sometimes filled with fluid and they would last a few weeks. She had to go through this 4 times a year when season changed.

First thing that came to my mind when I saw her that this was related to heart. So I asked few more questions related to her heart function. Here is what she told me:

1. She had cold hands and feet.

2. Before her period, her breast were swollen and could be very tender.

3. Her period was only 3-4 days with cramps and pain.

4. Blood was dark with clots.

5. Her pulse was a little thin and deep.

This confirmed my diagnosis. So I prescribed a herbal formula suited for her body type and also to strengthen her heart. I saw her again after a week. She told me the blisters disappeared within 2 days of taking the medicine. Strangely, she felt very cold for 2 days as well. What she experienced was her body expelling cold pathogen from deep inside. Since her heart was strengthened from the medicine, her body was strong enough to get rid of whatever is causing Eczema by itself. I told her to finish the whole bottle of medicine and pay attention to her next period.

I saw her one more time after and her period was much much better.

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