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A Dog Born with Rhinitis

Disclaimer: I am not a vet. I don't treat pets except my own cats. I only did this because the dog owner agreed and assume full responsibility.

Misu is a miniature American Eskimo. He was born with a very serious rhinitis. Basically, what the vet said was that it was very common for this type of dog to have a smaller nasal passages and sinus. That would cause chronic inflammation and infection of the eyes and nose. When I first saw Misu, his right eye was always red with gooey yellow discharge stuck around his eye. He also had some pinkish discharge that seemed to be the mixture of blood and tears that dried up under his eye. The owner had to clean his eye once an hour. Misu would sneeze a lot randomly. Sometimes you could see blood splatter coming out of his nose. There were also two to three small abnormal growth on his nose that's brown in colour.

When Misu was first taken to the vet, the vet suggested a nasal/sinus wash. The owner did not want to go through with it because there were two other American Eskimos from the same breeder that went through the procedure and died around that time. One died during the procedure, and the other died shortly after the procedure. Misu was a happy dog beside his rhinitis. He was living just like a healthy dog. The vet couldn't do much besides giving him antibiotics, eye drops, wipes, and some food recommendation. The issue did not resolve with them, but the owner felt these were all that he can do until I suggested trying TCM treatment with Chinese herbal medicine.

At first I started with Wu Ling San, which was a formula to regulate the water circulation. There was a minor improvement. The abnormal growths on his nose shrunken and dried. But that's all it did. After that I went through 2-3 different formulae, but they didn't do much. Plus having to make a dog take herbal medicine wasn't easy. I didn't pursue any further treatment for Misu.

One afternoon, I was watching Dr. Ni Hai Sha's video. He mentioned that he had a patient who had eye redness and gooey eyes cleared up very quickly after taking Da Huang water. Basically, you take a small piece of Da Huang soak it in water for 5-10 mins and then drink the water. Da Huang is generally used as a purging herb, but when you only soak it instead of cooking, the property changes from purging to clearing upper heat (inflammation). This can be done easily without the hassle of feeding him herbal medicine.

Misu's eye improved a lot after started taking Da Huang Water, but sometimes he would get loose stool. This gave me a better insight of his health condition. So I gave the owner about 20g of Fu Zi Li Zhong Tang granule to give it to Misu along with daily Da Huang water.

​​I had not seen or heard about Misu for 6 months after that, and I thought the owner had given up on it. One day owner told me Misu was doing a lot better. There was no more blood from the sneeze or from the eye. He was still giving him Da Huang water daily. When I saw Misu shortly after that, he still seemed the same to me. The owner insisted the he was much much better than before. He also changed Misu's diet to something with natural ingredients. Another 6 months passed, to my surprise, I was told Misu was cured. The owner said he didn't want to say anything for 6 months because last time he told me Misu was better, the condition got a bit worse. He didn't want to jinx it again. To my other surprise, he said Misu was still taking the herbs. "But I only gave you 20g," I said. He actually spread that 20g to very minimal amount undetected by Misu over the last 6 months.

​​Misu now is a healthy happy dog!!

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